Velice in Rush trade time.

"Rush hours, Sewer Rats, Thugs, Thieves, Black Bargain Traders, and Dirtbags. Yup, sounds like home"

- Linad Grezier

Velice, the city of trade, home of all greed. This city is known as the city of trade because, well it's kind of obvious, it is the central or most popular place to get supplies plus it is the most likely place that you get stabbed and stolen. It is located on top of Fort Lequoske and at the cliffs of the Burronharrow ridges. It is ruled by no one else but corruption and greed. Although there are some law enforcers, it is just impossible to stop all the crime happening in this city. Impulsing with noise from vendors and heat from the Tarid sun, I don't want to go here at all. But after you get to all the rugrats and street pollution, you'll find it quite satisfaying because most of the rare and misunderstood or not understandable at all items are right here. Of course, just as day is dangerous, evening is no exception. Spending the night here means suicide, that's why the residence here stay at a small town just outside the city called " The lil' town ". Although Velice has some negativities, it has one good thing. The demons can't attack this town, all thanks too Linad Grezier's all spark. Just kidding, I mean box

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