Rapture The Elemental Titan

Rapture, striding forth to destroy the city of Tel Albim

" Where does your allegiance lie? "

- Zendikar

" Vishtava yan vero kes togo "

- Rapture

Titans are among the most powerful creatures in the world, creating huge havoc among the people.

This one in particular is Rapture, The Elemental titan, The titan that can conjure calamities with a single strike of his powerful arm.

Rapture is sadistic and cruel. His never ending rage against humans is what empowers him to do such heinous crimes. He cares on nothing but himself and tend to over do his anger. It was a great threat to any living thing that would likely encounter it.

Background story

Since the days of old, there was a legend about a creature that shook the world and we tremble in it's path.

People call it " Vishtava " which means The End in elf tongue, some call it the " doom bearer ", and some " the devil's dog . But alas, all tis not the formal name. In the era of the titans, he was called Rapture, the Elemental titan. He was the most evil and most cruel among titans, he was said to have killed a fellow titan just for the sake of fun.

He was sealed with his fellow Titans by Armaggedon


Rathas Gurmalie destroyed the Gate where Rapture was sealed. He then enraged waged war agaisnt the Demons. He controlled the defeated Demon clans and manifested a portal that would connect the Demon Realm to the human world.