Zendikar in battle armor and wielding his sword the Appolyon

" I regret nothing. For while he sits with a crown, I stand here... grinning "

Background Story

Born of a poor family in Caellum, he is the older brother of Xion. But unlike his younger sibling, he posseses no magical abilities and no special attribute. He was weak and pitiful. Because of this, no one ever found him useful and he was disliked. After the council of Caellum declared the war against the raiding forces of King Gwardin of the kingdom of Leshtogas, he decided to become a soldier seeing that he was useless to the eyes of many people, but inspite of his effort he was not accepted. His brother on the other hand became captain of the north wall chambers and had a scholarship in the famed City of Magic under Professor Nadil Lastbth. At the city hall, where signing and designating of soldiers was held, Xion insisted that his brother Idam should be in the army. So the council of military actions changed their minds and put Idam on the list. Xion, thinking that Idam had so much gratitude for him, was pleased with the result and went back to study magic. Unknowingly, Idam wasn't blissful of what his brother did. In fact he was secretly infuriated and envious of all of this. He wondered and spoke " why do I need my little brother to get what I want? how come I can't get it myself ". The answer was clear when he saw two young soldiers calling his brother captain, This infuriated him more. This was the beginning of a path to darkness

1st War Of Caellum and Leshtogas

Idam was a part of a military team called an ambush party. their job was to ambush the forces of the enemy before the big clash to weaken the enemy's offenses. The night that they were about to rest and get ready for the forces that lie, Idam was feeling restless. His mind was overcome with envy and hate of his brother that he can barely focus at the mission at all. This made someone really suspicous and confronted Idam while they were eating. Idam looked at him in the eye, unmoved it seemed. Idam obviously hid his anger to stop all of the commosion. But the soldier, named Gothias, did not stop for he remained unanswered. He continue to accuse and told him he was not worthy to be here. He remained quiescent of all of this, until Gothias compared him with his brother and laughed saying " Your brother is the only reason why you're here". This made his temper rise even more. So he stepped out of his chair and drew his sword. Luckily, the captain of the ambush division, Sir Hont, quickly stopped the two and ordered them to go and retire. Without another word, the two went to their respective rooms and slept.

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