Gwardin Raignbade was the second son of Lord Gwardlon and Queen Reila of the city of Leshtogas.

At a young age of fourteen, Gwardin was known for being a ruthless warrior. He joined the repel agaisnt the rebelious Catroot clans. Gwardin became a captain of a squad and managed to kill the Catroot leader. The remaigning ones manage to commence an ambush killing Gwardins' men. With only a dozen men, he fought bravely and manage to kill whole Catroot clan. He went back victorious, blood stained.

His brother Gardlot, died during the battle of Cairnbride. Gwardin summoned his new squad and reinforced the soldiers in Cairnbride. Again he emerged victorious after a month of war.

His father was assasinated when Gwardin was twenty, thus he took the throne. His first law was to kill the upsurpers. Civil war started, Gwardin met his trusted General Korwald who helped him during the civil war. After two months the war concluded the upsurpers were killed and Gwardin crowned as "Gwardin the Ruthless, the fifty-ninth king of Leshtogas."

He started his campaigns for territory in Revon. He destroyed many rebellious clans and attained power. However Caellum stands strong and camped many clans who were agasint Gwardin.

He attacked Caellum in rage.