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Lord Garthalamir sitting to his throne

"Nobody in this world can fight as better as I can, no one."

Lord Garthalamir is the king of the Blacktorn kingdom. Know to be furious and always agitated he leads his army with victory and fear.

He met Luna Moonlight at a peace meeting agaisnt Tharagas and Garthlamirs forces, stuck by the beauty of the elve he asked her to be his wife, but Luna despises his evil. With Luna's words Garthalamir swore to get Luna. He threatened to destroy Tel Albim, still the elves didn't yield. Garthalamir lead his army into the hidden city of Tel Albim, where a bloody battles were fought ending the lives of many elves. Luna, submitted to Garthalamir to prevent further bloodshed. Garthalamir then promise to leave Tel Albim.

They had two children Anna Bella, and Garthalamir II, these two however didn't become cruel as their father, but took the gentleness of their mother.

Garthalamir broke the treaty of South and North and began to attack King Tharagas' castle.