this is Enitsuj without his wings, eye patch and armors

This story is after Enitsuj live in the demon world for 15 years. Mephistroth and Enitsuj went to the human world and begin the training in the cold mountains.

After 10 months Mephistroth teaching Enitsuj on the cold mountains, Mephistroth left and went back to the demon world, while Enitsuj removing his wings, eye patch and armors. His wings came back from his back and turn into normal back. He travel to the south. He didn't know that he is going to Blackthorn kingdom. While traveling he met two boys there named was Zurc and Aled, they are brothers. Zurc is older than Aled but Enitsuj his oldest of thee three. Zurc is a trainee hunter while Aled is a trainee wizard. The brothers follow Enitsuj to his journey. While traveling Enitsuj told the brothers why a young age like you are doing to this desolated place. Zurc told Enitsuj what happen to there village. Zurc said: "A war between north and south, the south warriors came from the lands of the Blackthorn kingdom that kingdim was ruled by a king named Garthalamir, our parents and the people in the village were killed in the war". Enitsuj said: "I was going to the south". Zurc said: "My father told me that Blackthorn kingdom has a great defense cause they have gargoyle pets that roam at night and armored watch towers and guard towers and no one can climb the Great Wall of The Blackthorn. Enistuj siad: "I think of something when we got to the south. While walking, he met Resharo, Kentaro and Siena.