Book One tackles the story of the persona's who once fougth each other, each one different in characteristics. The setting lies in Revon a continet in the far south of Blacktorn.

Book One Summary

Chapter One

Rathas awakens from his slumber where he dreamt of his past. He then walks away to find his father sitting on his throne.


Idam joins the soldiers to repel Leshtogas soldiers, and talks to his brother one last time.

Chapter Two


Idam fights Gothias

Lord Vlasvent summons his warriors to fight a rebellious clan

Chapter Three

Xion remembers the day, Hiade killed his family. He tries to find Hiade with his orb.

Lord Gwardin summons his men and began the assault on the First wall of Caellum.

Hiade seeked companions to find the legendary "Pandora's box"

Chapter Four

Demons started to appear in many places, rumors has it that someone set them free. Lord Vlasvent, orders his men to investigate another rebellious clan.

Rathas fights a rebellious clan.

Idam also fights Leshtogas invaders.

Xion found Hiade with his orb. Hiade started his search for the box. Alone.

Chapter Five

Rathas stumbles upon a cave and discovered "Demons."

Gasthar introduced, his story. He finds Hiade.

Demons attacked a tribe.

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